Talent Mapping & Market Analysis

Talent mapping forms as an integral part of our broader talent recruitment strategy, allowing organizations to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future.

We specialize in knowing who the talent is, where they are located, and what they are thinking in terms of their career plans. Our Talent Mapping process involves delivery of a robust map of your competitors within defined target organizations, further broken down into segmented groups identifying target pools of candidates according to your set criteria. We help in drafting the job role by mapping your competitor’s employees in the similar role in order to know the quality of talent available in the market.

Head-Hunting (Executive Search)

Our Executive Search firm has almost two decades of experience in advising clients on the recruitment of right fit candidates globally. We research the availability of suitable candidates working for competitors or related businesses. Having identified possible recruits that match your requirements, we act as an intermediary to investigate whether the individual might be interested in moving to a new employer and also carry out salary negotiations, and the subsequent reference checks.

Additional services that our firm offers, includes executive outplacement, Full market mapping and talent pipelining, compensation mapping, executive competency assessment and reference checks of shortlisted candidates.