Since its inception in 1995, Swift’s leadership team consists of 7 board members and 3 full time directors. SWIFT has an enviable record of closing leadership positions in areas of Sales & Marketing, Technical and Strategic fields across varied verticals throughout the globe .

SWIFT is a top global executive search firm headquartered at Ahmedabad having 19 years of global placements experience with a strong Indian footprint. We have a 90% closure rate and have 80% of our business coming from existing clients and have been their preferred search partner over the years.

We are headquartered in Ahmedabad with a Network of Associates spread throughout the world. Our associates are located at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, New York, Mumbai and Guwahati. This wide range of Network Associates enables us to attract and recruit the best available professionals from across the World. In today’s world of unprecedented competition and technological changes, the need to hire the best and apt talent is of utmost importance.

We cater to the needs of a niche clientele & allocate importance to long-term client relationships, turnaround times, and an overall qualitative experience in our relationships. This includes trying to ensure that the candidate not only fits the profile specified by the client, but is also a cultural match with the organization.

Value added services provided by us
We have a team of in house and experienced visiting consultants that help in establishing the right specifications for each job role and candidate profile.

With advanced systems in place, we can provide video conferencing facilities from our office.

In touch, updated and fully in the know, we understand the importance of good communication. That’s why we provide regular progress reporting from daily vacancy coverage reports to monthly top-level statistical analysis.

To help drive your business forward, we can support you with comprehensive overviews of the market and your competitors, including such things as salary surveys and recruitment practices.

At SWIFT, we find that a dual search and selection campaign is always the most successful way to find the right candidate. So, once you brief us on a vacancy, not only do we search our extensive in-house database and utilize our HR referrals network, but we also embark on a discreet headhunt campaign.

Our service is confidential and pro-active – we act as knowledgeable brand ambassadors to selected candidates and ensure their joining.

We provide an in-house reference check system which not only checks references of the selected candidates with their past employers, but also sees to it that the certificates as provide by the selected candidate are true and authentic.

SWIFT OFFERING Mandated Search
We undertake mandated search exclusively to avoid duplication and close urgent critical positions fast while at the same time maintaining secrecy and making sure the candidate joins.